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Beach Postcard Cliché iPhoneography Challege: The Results

Bathing suit

Tanya took the above image and added the border and filter in Camera+

My Friend Tanya and I both went to different beaches at the same time and decided to have a virtual scavenger hunt with our iPhones. Our goal: to take as many beach postcard cliché images and have a little iPhoneography challenge.  Here are the results!

Star filter and Palm Trees

Palm trees

Tanya (Photo on the left) : Not a lot of Palm trees on the beach I was on, so I shot the next best thing which were Mangrove trees. Shot on the iPhone 4 camera with some post work on 100  Cameras and Instagram.

Jen: I took this sunset picture at Imanta Punta Mita and included palm tress. It was so gorgeous I thought it would be fun to app it in ScratchCam and make it look like a 70s album cover. Before iPhoneography was cool, 70s album covers were cool.

a boat

Photo of a Boat

Jen: when I googled “beach postcard cliches” the first image that came up is this boat in Thailand. The same image happened to be on my airplane ticket cover from American Airlines. So I shot it (on the plane, not on the beach) and used ToonPAINT to make it kind of funny.

Tanya (photo on the left): Shot during the morning low tide. I was thinking this could be a sun flare + boat hybrid, with space underneath for a postcard-y graphic.  No filters, just the effect of the light flares in my iPhone.

tropical drink

tropical drink

A Tropical Drink

Tanya: Alcoholic fruity drinks + underwater camera = awkward pose pictures that should never be made public. 100Cameras Zen filter.

Jen: I used Camera+ and added the chroma ring around the margaritas with  LensLight

Bathing Suit

A Bathing Suit (Interesting Choice in Swimwear Category)

Tanya:  My cousin Samantha getting the last of the day’s rays. The light was so good, I didn’t need to do anything to this.

Jen: I love Tanya’s shot. It’s a great example of how you don’t need to app every image if what you start off with is great composition. I got the image on the right by actually going underwater in a pool and holding my iPhone4S above the surface. I exhaled and then opened my eyes before shooting. I pumped up the color in camera+ (my eyes are green, not blue) and then added more texture by adding a water overlay with Photo StudioFX.


A Hat

Jen: I just shot this image and added flash in Camera+

Tanya: I would like to be on the same beach as that hat, right now. #Istillwanttobeonvacation.

Religious Greeting Card

Palm Trees, a sunset, and Religious greeting card image

Image Suitable for Religious Greeting Card

Tanya (picture on the left): Instead of footprints in the sand, I went with 3-wheeler/ Sand smoother in the sand, because that’s how Jesus would roll.

Jen(picture on right): This shot also was my sunset shot and I thought the rock sculpture was cool and kind of looked like a cross made of surfboards. Surfing is also religion, so this is also my “image suitable for Religious Greeting card”. I used LensLight to add the chroma ring.

Sea shell ceviche

Sea Shell Picture (Bonus Points if used as Jewelry)

Jen: I didn’t find any seashell jewelry but this Ceviche was too pretty not to photograph. I just added flash in Camera+ and pumped up the color a bit.

Tanya: My shell shots are all in my underwater camera – hence they are disqualified for this category.

Corona drink

Blog reader Mike suggested adding the often photographed two beers between beach chairs shot, so I took this one and made it edgier by using Decim8.

Do you have a favorite image from our iPhoneography beach postcard cliche challenge? Let me know in the comments section.