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Mile High Food Porn: A Mobile Photography Experiment

Food on an airplane, with raisins. Cathay Pacific Business class from Jo'Burg to Hong Kong

Food on an airplane, with raisins. Cathay Pacific Business class from Jo’Burg to Hong Kong

35,000 feet above sea level remains the final frontier for foodie culture. There are good reasons for airplane food being notoriously bad. If you combine the economics of running an airline, the scale of mass catering, and the limitations of food prep in a jet galley you have reason enough for lackluster sky catering.  The fact that your taste buds are dulled at altitude doesn’t help.  Meal service has been cut back as standard on so many flights in this day of no-frills air carrier, that I take no mug of tea-that-tastes-like-coffee for granted.

#FriFotos- Five Star #Flowers Bloom at Five Star Hotels

In front of The Metropolitan hotel

Image of a flowering tree In front of The Metropolitan Hotel in London

Today’s #Frifotos theme is flowers and while I don’t have much of a green thumb, I do appreciate the beauty of flowers when I come across them. Spring has sprung and one of the great things about traveling is seeing the fabulous floral arrangements at the amazing luxury hotels and restaurants I’ve been lucky to visit. Flowers have filled my travels from edible violet garnishes in London to Amber hued arrangements in Hong Kong, to sexy stems in Amsterdam.