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Scenic route to Jo’Burg: A Photo Essay

It took 25 hours in transit to get from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Johannesburg’s Tambo International (JNB).

First stop: Washington’s Dulles airport (IAD) where I had a layover, changed terminals, and connected to my South African Airways flight.  After 8 hours in flight the A340-300  landed in Dakar, Senegal’s at Dakar-Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor International airport (DKR) to re-fuel, change crews, and let on new passengers.  Africa is a big continent so it took 8 more hours in flight before touching down in Johannesburg, South Africa. I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel on Nelson Mandela Square.

Here’s a trip report in pictures. (Note: a different post with a flight review and video about my experience on South African Airways will be in a separate upcoming post.)

Ready for takeoff at LAX

Waiting on the tarmac ready for takeoff at LAX

Sunrise from my window seat

Watching the sunrise

Departing before sunrise has an upside, like these view from my window seat

Departing LAX before dawn

Departing LAX before dawn

In-flight breakfast

Tea at 30,000 feet. mobile photography

In-flight breakfast aboard United Flight 272 aboard a 757-200

Up in the clouds

Up in the clouds

Arriving at Dulles. mobile photo

Arriving at IAD & Departing gate B 37 at Dulles

Dulles shuffle. mobile photo

In-transit self portrait. mobile photography

In-transit self portrait at Dulles. The trains were not working, so I had to take the old fashioned “mobile lounge”

The Lufthansa Lounge at Dulles

Lufthansa lounge at Dulles

The Lufthansa Lounge at Dulles

Boarding South African Airways for photo essay. mobile photography

Waiting for take off. Next stop- Dakar, Senegal.mobile photo

Waiting for take off on South African Airways.  Next stop- Dakar, Senegal, which counts as my 75th country

The view from 15 A

 Dakar Noir- change of crew in Senegal

Dakar Noir – change of crew in Senegal at the DKR airport.

Descending to Joburg from the window, FujiX100

Descending to Joburg. FujiX100

Approaching Johannesburg

JNB airport terminal. FujiX100

Scene from my taxi ride. FujiX100

JNB airport terminal & Scene from my taxi ride to Nelson Mandela Square