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Amalfi Coast Lemons, a Photo Essay


Portrait of a Lemon Vendor (Salerno, Italy)

If you spend any time along Italy’s Amalfi Coast you realize that there is something very special about the lemons that grow in the regions along the Sorrentine Peninsula. The Amalfi Lemon, also known as the Sfusato Amalfitan,  grow large and are rumored to have medicinal benefits including curing dandruff and hiccups.

Amalfi lemon, or Sfusato Amalfitan, growing in the hills of Ravello

Lemon zest from lemons like these are used in in local specialties like limoncello, the local liquer. The drive along the coast is spotted with local fruit stands– the original, old school pop-up shop. I made a point of stopping at one in Salerno on my last day in the area.

The Almafi Lemon (Sfusato Amalfitan)  for sale at a fruit stand at the side of the road in Salerno

I loved the gorgeous imperfection of these lemons, which have so much more personality (and flavor) than those I buy at my local grocery store. I also loved photographing the roadside lemon vendor I met in Salerno.

Hipstamatic Limoncello

The Lemon Vendor Hipstamatic portrait