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Where to Eat in Punta Mita, Mexico: Si Señor

You say “when” on the tequila pour for your margarita at Si Señor

It’s always fun to venture off the resort grounds and eat at a great local restaurant. A few years ago I asked Carl Emberson, the General Manager of the St. Regis Punta Mita, for a restaurant recommendation in the sleepy town of Punta Mita, he insisted we try Si Señor. I’ve been recommending the restaurant to friends ever since.

The signage isn’t fancy

The colorful entrance to Si Señor

Si Señor is funky, atmospheric and all about the fresh fish. If you go, have your camera ready because the whole restaurant has a fun, show-like atmosphere and delicious Mexican cuisine and very strong margaritas.

The atmosphere at Si Señor is colorful and fun

From the giant clam shell at the hostess desk to the Mexican serapes strung between palm trees to provide diners shade from the sun, the restaurant feels like fun from the moment you enter.

The waiters at Si Señor make you say “when” when pouring the tequila

The menu at Si Señor

While fresh seafood is the standout here, Si Señor does great with all the traditional Mexican specialties. The guacamole is made table side and the queso fundido is pure cheesy goodness.

Guacamole prepared tableside

Be sure to ask what the catch of the day is, because that is when a meal at Si Señor gets really fun.

Here’s how you get shown the catch of the day at Si Señor

Si Señor Catch of the Day GIF

Our entrees have arrived!

Tacos chilapa (hard chicken tacos soaked in chicken broth) were also super yummy

Your catch of the day can be prepared to your liking

The catch of the day can be prepared a few different ways: Arriero (with potatoes, onion, chile guajillo, garlic, wine, olive oil and paprika); Mexican Cajun style (chiles secos, curry, olive oil, garlic and mushrooms; or sauteed with lemon and capers. Your waiter will be sure to offer advice and the best preparation for whatever fish you choose.

Si Señor’s resident parrot is quite the showman
Don’t miss the exceptionally charming resident parrot at the bar. He’ll shake his tail feathers while taking a birdbath making for a memorable meal.
Address: Av El Anclote,
63734 Punta de Mita, NAY, Mexico
Phone:+52 329 291 6652