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Where to Eat in Port Antonio, Jamaica: Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

Shabby and Unchic: it doesn’t get cooler Dickie’s

Port Antonio doesn’t have a lot of sit-down restaurants, but Dickie’s Best Kept Secret is something of an institution. Anyone with a sense of adventure (and a sense of humor) should be in the know about Dickie’s. Located in a charming and funky ramshackle hut perched above the Caribbean Sea, Dickie’s is truly a unicorn. This is the sort of place you’re going to love or hate, I’m firmly in the #teamdickies category.

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

Fire code violations and uneven floors are part of the wonderful Jamaican rabbit hole that is Dickie’s. A joint like this could never happen in a place like the U.S.. It’s not the right choice if you’re expecting a kids menu or even consistency.

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret and Bougainvillea

Dickie’s Ramshackle Exterior

Seriously old school, you have to call ahead to book a table, since food is purchased daily, according to the expected number of patrons.  The concierge team at The Trident hooked us up.

Dickie’s clings to the rocky Caribbean Coast

It’s not clear if Dickie lives on site, but it definitely feels like he might. The decor is Jamaican shabby and decidedly un-chic. It’s lack of irony and pretension makes Dickie’s feel unintentionally cool. There is no menu at Dickie’s– you eat what they serve you. The cuisine feels a bit 70s fine dining inspired, but it works.  We started with a savory crepe-like omelette filled with vegetables that was both tasty and light.

The Jamaican Shabby Un-Chic interior at Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

Vegetable soup came next. It was uninspired, but there are worse views to have with your soup course. The main course was a delicious grilled spiny lobster, served with stuffed peppers. It was light and flavorful and tasted excellent washed down with a Red Stripe lager. Portions were generous.

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret Interior

Eclectic Jamaican decor inside Dickie’s

Did I mention that some of my mismatched silverware had the American Airlines logo on it? If these walls could talk…

I would love to come to dinner party here

For dessert, we were served a garishly decorated marble cake that I feared based on appearance. It turned out to be really yummy. Not surprising considering the wacky sort of wonderful that is Dickie’s.

This light and fluffy omelette paired wonderfully with a cold Red Stripe Lager

Stuffed peppers

Spiny Lobster was the stand out dish at Dickie’s

The vegetable soup seemed random– but was fine.

The Garish marble cake was rather tasty

Some American Airlines silverware added to the atmosphere

The eponymous Dickie

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret is the kind of place where you wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony Bourdain was sitting at the next table.

Dickie’s decor includes these fun windows

Dickie’s Best-Kept Secret

Location:  about 1 mile west of Downtown Port Antonio, on route A4
Hours: Daily 6:30-9:30pm (sometimes open for lunch– be sure to call ahead)
Phone: 876-809-6276