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Where to Eat in Cabo: El Marinero Borracho (The Drunken Sailor)

El Marinero Borracho (aka The Drunken Sailor)

In December I stumbled across a gem of a restaurant in Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico. I wasn’t planning on blogging about this Cabo trip, I think it’s worth sharing the word about El Marinero Borracho (The Drunken Sailor), an inexpensive and excellent low key restaurant located in a two story palapa.

The menu at The Drunken Sailor is limited and seafood centric (and heavy on shellfish), but everything we had on it was flavorful, light, and extremely memorable. I went for the falafel tacos, which featured falafel stuffed with shrimp, hummus, red cabbage and shredded lettuce. This dish sounded weird but tasted like something that would win a Top Chef challenge for being innovative and delicious. I washed it down with a refreshing and delicious Hibiscus margarita, which tasted a bit like pomegranate.

The light and flavorful panko crusted fish tacos and fish and chips also won rave reviews as did the ginger mojito.

El Marinero Borracho is also a bargain– cocktails cost about USD $6. Tacos run about USD $8 for two. Taxi fare to and from the restaurant cost more than the entire meal, but the food was vastly better than anything I ate at the nearby Hotel El Ganzo and the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos.

El Marinero Borracho

The Drunken Sailor

Tel: 624 1649025