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Where Foodies Shop in Paris: Laurent Dubois for Cheese

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One of the upsides of traveling with hard core foodies is learning about restaurants and shops a little too advanced for a basic foodie like myself to know about. They helped me learn enough of the insider lingo to comfortably navigate an artisinal cheese shop like Laurent Dubois by myself without being intimidated.

The Cheese Concierges at Laurent Dubois wear black

One of the simple tricks of the trade is too look for names and designations on stores to determine if the they are highly recognized artisans in their field. Take for example, Laurent Dubois, whose name is highly visible on the awning of his Fromagerie (aka cheese shop) on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

The cheese cases are arranged from mild to strong

Laurent Dubois has been designated a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), the highest honor for a cheesemonger and affineur (cheese ager) in France. I like to think of him simply as “Cheese Illuminati.”

One of the cases displays the selection of dessert inspired cheeses that won Laurent Dubois his MOF designation

It is considered rude to simple “browse” in a store like this. Those in the know beeline for a black clad staff member who is essentially, a “cheese concierge.” The cheese concierges speak enough “cheese English” to be able to help most shoppers who don’t speak French.

Most cheeses are sold by the piece or weight. If sold by the piece you most likely won’t be able to sample them

You tell the cheese concierge what you are looking for and when you plan to serve it. That will determine which cheeses they will suggest for you. They also have a nifty vacuum pack if you intend to travel with your cheese, just be sure to mention that first as certain cheeses don’t travel well.

Cheese glorious cheese

The cases at Laurent Dubois are magnificent to behold. They are arranged from mild to strong (goat, sheep, cow). There is also a case for yogurt and butter, also made by highly acclaimed artisans.

Beautifully arranged cases at Laurent Dubois

The standout cheese for me was the 2011 Comte, a French cow cheese made in the Jure region of France, which was in the back case. The comte’s flavor varied based upon if the cow was fed hay or grass.

Just looking at the cheese cases at Laurent Dubois is a treat

Look and smell but please don’t touch– especially without the help of a cheese concierge

Look for a name and the Mellieur Ouvrier de France (MOF) designation for the best artisans in their trade

If you’re in the area, don’t miss it. The whole experience is fantastic and the cheese outstanding.


Fromagerie Laurent Dubois
47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris
Tel : 01 43 54 50 93
Open from 8h00am to 20h00pm (from Tuesday to Saturday) – 8h30am to 1h00pm (Sunday)
Métro: Maubert-Mutualité ligne 10

There are also have two other locations in Paris