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Exploring France: Paris during Men’s Fashion Week


Sleeping bags on the runway at the Thom Browne NY show

Attending a show in Paris for Fashion Week was never something I thought I’d have a chance to experience. So when my friend, architect and designer Tim Campbell invited me to be his guest at the Thom Browne NY show, I immediately booked a ticket to France.

Video of the Thom Browne Paris Fashion Week show

What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the experience. The Thom Browne NY Fall/Winter 2018 show took place in the heart of Saint Germain at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts. The gorgeous courtyard was set up with a floor of faux snow and bare Aspen trees set around a row of cots. Gray down blankets with the designer’s distinctive red, white and blue signature stripe were waiting in chairs to help attendees ward off the January cold.


A runway look at Thom Brown NY’s #tbfw18 show

The show felt like a brief and beautiful piece of performance art. Male models wore long braids, gray hats and the vibe felt like a mystical apre-ski fairytale. The coats were beautiful and made with a range of fabrics including performance down to knits to black lace. The accessories were theatrical and fun. There were man muffs! There were puffy gators paired with shorts!


A beautifully tailored coat at the Thom Browne NY show

While the models walked the runway to hauntingly beautiful music, I got kind of caught up in the theater of it all and could barely focus on the clothes.


Gorgeous outerwear over a classically tailored gray suit

To see more looks from the show, check out Thom Brown’s instagram feed.


Models all tucked in at the end of the Thom Browne NY show

After each model showed their final look, they returned to the runway in gray long johns and tucked themselves into bed by unrolling the sleeping bags on the cots revealing the adorable gray Thom Browne suits quilted on them.


Model all tucked in at Thom Browne

After the show, the audience was allowed to photograph the models in their designer cots. Up close the sleep shades and details like the occasional teddy bear had me totally charmed.


Photographing after the show

The amount of work it must take a designer to do multiple shows a year blows my mind. While I didn’t have a lot of expectations going in, I came away with an appreciation of the art of the runway show. Beyond the challenge of designing multiple collections, the ephemeral beauty of the runway presentation really left me impressed.


Guy in Gucci photographing the show

Fashion week people watching was seriously next level. Watching the crowd proved quite entertaining.


Personal Thom Browne comforters for the guests 

While I often skip picking up swag at industry events, I definitely love my Thom Browne down throw blanket!


Backstage with Lucas Langellier and Tim Campbell  

Suffice it to say, the place was full of sharp dressed men and women. If you’re coming to Paris for Fashion Week, you better bring your style A-game.


Tim Campbell being photographed outside the show

Fun fact: Thom Browne wrote the foreword to Tim Campbell’s book, Intentional Beauty. You can follow Tim on instagram at Studio Tim Campbell.


Tim Campbell with designer Thom Browne

My first fashion week blew me away. I found the whole experience fun and enchanting. Much thanks to Tim Campbell for inviting me to join him as his guest.

If you want to see more of  Thom Browne’s work, visit his website: https://www.thombrowne.com/us/