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Surf’s Up at Jamaica’s Boston Beach in Port Antonio

Boston Beach Panorama

I wasn’t even aware that Jamaica had a surf scene until I visited Port Antonio last month. But when my friend (and traveling companion), Zan, and I heard about about Boston Beach– and it’s chill surfing scene, we had to check it out for ourselves.

Surf shack at Port Antonio’s Boston Beach

We had a great driver, Nick, from the Trident, who drove us to this fantastic public beach 9 miles east of Port Antonio. Nick made sure we got settled on the beach and Zan found a local instructor named Formula who offered to give her an hour of surfing lessons (including board rental) for $25– a bargain compared to resort pricing we’ve seen elsewhere.

Palm trees and Caribbean surf at Boston Beach

I was more intent on the taking pictures than checking out the tasty waves, so I got comfy near one of the beach shacks with a Red Stripe lager. The locals were friendly and I very much enjoyed chilling out and having rasta vendors show me their beads for sale while Zan got reaquainted with a long board after a six year absence from surfing.

The amusing scene at Boston Beach

Formula had Zan standing up and riding the waves in less than 15 minutes. The surf was super gentle and Boston Beach is in a cove so it’s a really great place for those new to surfing to check it out without fear.

Scene from Boston Beach

I went body surfing once Zan and Formula were done with their surfing session and really enjoyed frolicking in the warm Caribbean seas. The surf is gentle here– it’s not going to impress Laird Hamilton or Kelly Slater. Boston Beach is a great place to get an entry level lesson or refresher course if you’re a surfing novice and a very pleasant place to body surf.

Zan and Formula hang loose after her surf lesson at Boston Beach

With it’s laid back scene and beautiful cove setting, you need not surf to spend an enjoyable afternoon at Boston Beach. Next time I visit I’m leaving my cameras and going to get Formula to give me a surf lesson.