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Photo Essay: Visiting The Skeleton Coast Museum, Namibia

Skeletons on Display

Nambia’s Skeleton Coast National Park may be geographically remote, but it’s well worth the effort to get there.

Giant whale pelvis and a boat near the Skeleton Coast Museum

There is a seal colony near by, and a small but very interesting and unique museum.

Wreakage along the rugged coastline

An old boat outside the Skeleton Coast Museum

I loved the rough hewn museum signage

The museum is not fancy, but that is part of it’s charm. There are, appropriately, a lot of skeletons of local wildlife on display.

Bones lined up against a wall

The skull of Cape Fur Seal

Articles about plane and boat crashes are on display

The Skeleton Coast has quite a history of plane and boat crashes. There are articles and pieces of wreckage from some of these accidents on display at the museum.

Petrified lobster

Turtle shells

Most of the bones found along the Skeleton Coast are from seals and and other local animals. But human bones can also be found.

Small creatures preserved in formaldehyde

The museum’s simple layout and lack of formal displays make it both intimate and really effing cool.

A ship wreck on the Skeleton Coast

Within walking distance of the seal colony is the rusting shell of a shipwreck.

The rusty hull of a boat

Wreckage and rocks

Perhaps the most famous shipwreck story is that of the Dunedin Star, with a crew of 85 and 21 passengers.

Rusting hull of a boat

It’s amazing to see the skeletons of boats along Namibia’s Coast

Cape Fur Seal pups

A fur seal colony along the Skeleton Coast

A whale pelvis outside the Skeleton Coast Museum

Skeleton Coast Panorama

Up close with a shipwreck on Nambia’s Skeleton Coast

My trip to the Skeleton Coast Museum was arranged by Wilderness Safaris during my stay at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp.

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My trip to the Skeleton Coast Museum was arranged by Wilderness Safaris at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp.