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OTW (On The Waterfront) Restaurant Review at the Lodhi, New Delhi

Table for six at OTW restaurant

The best meal I had during my trip to New Delhi last month was at OTW (On The Waterfront), one of the restaurants located in The Lodhi Delhi. Even if you stay elsewhere in New Delhi, I’d recommend checking out OTW for lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is modern, sleek and sexy and the service top notch.

OTW is modern and chic at night

The restaurant’s modern interior and two open kitchens are a feast for the eyes– and the food that comes out of them is also crazy delicious.

Comfortable chairs make the modern glass enclosed space cozy

OTW has an extensive food menu, featuring  veg and non-veg options. The all time Indian favorites are represented, as well pizzas. But what is most exciting about the OTW is the non-Indian cuisine. OTW has two open kitchens one focusing on European specialties and one focusing on Asia cuisine .

Great bread presentation at OTW

If you’re jonesing for a Caprese salad or risotto, you can go for it. I wanted to try some of the Asian specialties and was impressed.

Prawn tempura

Kung Pao Chicken

The hot & sour soup was simple and flavorful. The salad featuring raw papaya, shrimp tempura and honey dressing had light and bright flavors and was rather satisfying.

For dessert: ice cream and key lime pie

The Kung Pao chicken was foodie worthy, with a nice spicy kick yet not overly oily. T here are several veg and non-veg options cooked in a wok, on a robata or teppan grill. I was too full to try the sushi, but it was nice to know it was an option.

Open Oriental kitchen

OTW has an extensive wine list and nice edit of high end Champagne, should you have a reason to celebrate. Due to the elections that were being held during my stay (and the ban on alcohol sales that goes along with it) I didn’t try anything off the wine list.

The European kitchen at OTW

Looking down at the entrance to OTW

I tried the key lime pie for dessert. It was paired with ice cream and had the perfect amount of acidity to finish off my delicious dinner.

Modern, mismatched and airy at OTW

OTW (On The Waterfront Restaurant)

The Lodhi

T Lodhi Road New Delhi 110003. INDIA

Email: info@thelodhi.com

Phone: 011 43633411