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The Paws Up Chuck Wagon Experience: Foodie Al Fresco Fun

Montana’s answer to Uber: Cowboy Steve with draft horses Pete and RePete

When the weather is nice, it’s always fun to dine al fresco, especially when you’re in a setting as picturesque as the site of the Chuck Wagon Dinner at The Resort at Paws Up. Guests ride on a horse-drawn wagon through the scenic Montana wilderness to the banks of the BlackfootRiver, where they dine at picnic tables.

Left: The Blackfoot River Right: Draft horses Pete & RePete

The Chuck Wagon dinner is a great way to casually meet other guests and enjoy an evening of good food and entertainment. It’s also an experience that appeals to guests of all ages– I dined with a 4 month old and a grandfather in his 70s. It’s hugely popular for those families doing the multi-generational vacation thing. 

The Paws Up Chuck Wagon Site

There is plenty of fine food prepared on a open flame, including grilled chicken, corn, tri-tip and Tomahawk Chop. Of course western staples like baked beans, cornbread, and baked potatoes are served. For dessert, there was a mixed berry cobbler made with the local fave, huckleberries.

Music & Cowboy Poetry are part of the Chuck Wagon Experience

Local beers from Montana’s Big Sky Brewing company Moose Drool and Scape Goat Pale Ale are on hand for washing it all down. Or you can have lemonade or sangria if you prefer. During dinner guests are treated to music and cowboy poetry which is good fun (if you missed my post about cowboy poetry, you can read it here).


Riding in style to the Chuck Wagon

Grilled corn goodness

Baked beans with loads of bacon

For a film geek like me, it’s hard to not make a Blazing Saddles reference when you show a pot of baked beans. Chef Buckley’s were fit for foodies– easy on the stomach, delicious, and had a nice kick of cayenne and loads of bacon-y goodness.

Left: Huckleberry Soup slash cobbler  Right: Mixed vegetables

Chuck Wagon decisions: Tri-tip or Tomahawk chop?

Chef Buckley getting ready to serve at the Paws Up Chuck Wagon Dinner

Chef Buckley’s tri-tip was tasty

Much thanks to the Resort at Paws Up, who generously hosted my Chuck Wagon experience while I was on assignment for Glamping.com