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Meet the Judges of the 2012 My Life’s A Trip Vacation Photo Contest: Severin Matusek Edition

Editor’s Note: This post is one in a series of short interviews to let blog readers better know the judges of the 2012 My Life’s A Trip Vacation Photo Contest and learn what they think makes a great travel photograph.  First up is Berlin-based Severin Matusek. – Jen

Severin has been shooting from the hip for over 10 years. In charge of EyeEm‘s worldwide community affairs and partnerships, he previously published photo books for Lomography, hijacked cameras and hosted workshops on topics such as snapshot photography, tram riding or the history of philosophy.

Severin, can you tell the blog readers what did you this summer? Any travels?

I couldn’t do much traveling this summer, but a highlight was the wedding of a good friend in my hometown, Vienna. It was on a hill overlooking the city, late afternoon sun, the bride walked through the grass… sounds a bit cheesy, but it was very romantic.

For the rest of the summer I stayed in Berlin, enjoyed my balcony and took bike rides through the city over the weekend.


Left: On the Boat; Right: Sunset




What Do You Think Makes a Great Travel Photograph?

I’d say it must be authentic, capture an emotion, a snapshot of what you experience. The little details count. Make the camera part of your adventure and just snap without thinking too much.