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A Slideshow of MobFormat: The Press at the Format Festival

Misho Baranovic hard at work at the chocolate factory in Derby

I just got back from checking out the Format Festival, where mobile photographer (and app developer) Misho Baranovic and EyeEm have teamed up to create the world’s first mobile printing press. The exhibition space- an abandoned chocolate factory in Derby, UK- is rather impressive albeit cold.

I had a great time watching the exhibition in action and had fun hanging out with my fellow mobile photographers, the extremely gifted Nettie Edwards and Joanne Carter, better known as The App Whisperer.

Visitors Selecting Images to Add to the Exhibition

I felt I had to act as a photojournalist and not interfere or influence the process. All the images, once printed, are stored in vintage developing trays from one of the oldest photo labs in the UK.

If I was going to pick an image to add to the exhibition, it would have most likely been this Chat-roulette like selfie that kept catching my eye.

The Press space is huge (and cold). It was 32 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 0 if you speak Celsius) the day I visited. But the volunteers working the exhibition didn’t complain much. Misho stayed bundled in a parka, a la Kenny from South Park.

It was nice to see the names of EyeEm users who contributed to The Press on a blackboard. I noticed Jim Darling’s portrait right away. It looked fabulous printed.

Check out this slideshow of my visit to the MobFormat: The Press Exhibition.

The Press runs through April 7th. Read about how you can contribute your images to The Press- Trash  in this EyeEm Blog post.

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