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Jet Set Pets: Interview with Miles Kelly, aka the Points Puppy

Just winding down from another beautiful, but somewhat chilly Miami day

Editor’s Note: I love to travel and I love dogs… as part of my series on Pet-friendly travel,  I thought I’d do an interview with one of my favorite jet set pets, Miles Kelly aka The Points Puppy (his person is The Points Guy). Miles is so cute that he’s had Donna Karan stop in her tracks and comment- Cruella DeVille style- on the beauty of his coloring. You can follow Miles on Instagram where he’s known as @BlueFrenchieMiles. – Jen

Vital stats: 26.5 pounds

Name: Miles Kelly

Breed: French Bulldog

Astrological sign: Libra

How many miles have you flown: About 25,000 and many more to come!

Left: Another day, another mile flown Right: Ugh, I ordered champagne- not this nasty sparkling wine nonsense! Take it away

Favorite way to travel: First class of course.

Favorite airline: American Airlines because my first time flying with my dad the flight attendants gave me wings and a junior aviator log book with lots of compliments about how well behaved I was.

Window or aisle?: I prefer an aisle seat, but my dad always makes me sit by the window boxed in so I can’t escape!

Favorite hotel (or hotel chain) and why?: The W Westwood LA is my favorite hotel because it has a great outdoor restaurant that I can grab lunch with my dad at and there’s great green space out front that I can run around on during our early morning walks to Starbucks.

Quick trip to LA for the Grammys, but having anxiety about leaving this little nugget for the first time!

Left: Yes, hi I’d like the bone-in ribeye (hold the ribeye) and one bowl of Fiji with 6 ice cubes. Gracias  Right: I can haz suite upgrade

Favorite pet friendly place you’ve visited?: The dog beach in Bonita Springs, I got to make so many new friends and rode on a boat with my dad to get there.

Biggest travel pet peeve(no pun intended)? When I get off a long flight and really need to pee and everyone mobs me trying to show me love. Don’t get me wrong – I love giving kisses but please just let me do my business!

Left: Busy day in the life of a puppy blogger Right: Are you tracking all of your miles and points on Awardwallet?

Do you have any tips for pet owners traveling with their dogs?:

Don’t stress out, if your owner is stressed then it will translate to you. It’s much easier than it seems, just make sure you plan extra time because a lot of airlines will make you check in extra early and security takes longer. Some flight attendants can be rude, but my advice is to just kill them with kindness and good behavior and everything will be fine!

What’s your dream destination?: I’d like to visit my homeland of France and do some major shopping with my dad.

I missed my Dad so much… Never go on a business trip again

All images used in this post are courtesy of Brian Kelly (aka The Points Guy) who is worth following
for great tips on how to maximize your loyalty points for travel.