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#Frifotos #Brick Edition- A View To a Kiln: The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts

Bricks made in Helena, Montana

On my trip to Helena, Montana last month I went to check the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts.  The Bray has a funky campus, filled with shard piles, a red brick Potters’ Shire, light drenched sheds, warrior sculptures and studios for the visiting artists-in-residence, all set against a sun-drenched backdrop of Big Sky Country.I even met a charming snake in the gardens.

The vibe at the Bray was much not unlike that of artists studios I’ve visiting in Santa Fe. It also reminded me of Taleisin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s alternative architecture school in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I was charmed by this ceramic deer sculpture for sale at the Archie Bray Museum Gift Shop

The Potters’ Shrine was unbelievably cool, featuring both bricks made in Helena and ceramics made at the Archie Bray.

Potters Shrine at the Archie Bray Foundation

Everywhere you turned there were ceramics on the grounds of the Archie Bray. I loved the dragon pot pictured above.

Above left: A peek inside a kiln, where the ceramics are fired at the bray. Above right: a Brick wall and Helltown art

An old couch and tire pile in an outdoor lounge for the artists-in-residence

Scenes from the Bray: Brick buildings and ceramic statues peeking from the Montana grass

Archie Bray Warrior Sculptures in a Sculpture Garden

Ceramic tea party in the sculpture garden at the Archie Bray.

I got to walk inside the kiln where the ceramics are fired, which was a very unique experience. There was also a lovely gift shop with some really exquisite high end ceramic sculptures.

I got to walk into this giant kiln, where the ceramic bricks are fired. The light was really beautiful.

Ceramic pots drying in a sun-drenched artist studio at the Archie Bray.

The clay factory looked a bit like a messy laboratory set-up that Walter White wouldn’t approve of on Breaking Bad.

Scenes from the studios of ceramic artists at the Archie Bray.

Ceramic work by artist Laura Mabry

Ceramic work by artist Chris Ricardo at the Archie Bray foundation

Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts

2915 Country Club Ave. | Helena, MT 59602

phone 406/443-3502 | fax 406/443-0934


Note: when I can, I like to participate in the #FriFotos photo chat on twitter, which I have been doing since it the very first one. If you’d like to join in yourself, you can find the rules here.

My visit to Helena, Montana was sponsored by the Helena Chamber. Much thanks to my amazing guide, Mike Mergenthaler.