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Where to Eat in Paris: Brasserie Bofinger

The stunning stained glass window above the main dining room at Brasserie Bofinger

I recently returned from a trip to Paris where I broke my habit of gravitating to old favorites and dined at as many different restaurants recommended by friends as possible.

First up was Brasserie Bofinger, a 150 year old brasserie in the Marais. Entering Brasserie Bofinger felt like stepping back into the 19th century, and the Belle Epoque atmosphere alone is worth the cost of admission… fortunately the food is great, too.

Gorgeous iron details on the staircase at Brasserie Bofinger

There’s a spectacular stained glass window in the main dining room, and several smaller dining areas in the front and upstairs. I was seated in the main dining room, which filled up quickly with locals and delicious wafting smell of sauerkraut. I noticed that most tourists (with suitcases in tow) were seated in the front rooms.

The stunning stained glass window at Brasserie Bofinger

Bofinger’s menu focuses on Alsatian cuisine, and claims to be “the most Alsatian of the Parisian brasseries.” However the staff had considerably less attitude than my belovedly rude Brasserie Lipp. Brasserie Bofinger had a large selection of seasonal oysters from Normandy, Brittany, and Ireland, as well as gorgeous shellfish towers which seemed very popular the day I was dining there.

A cozy dining space upstairs at Brasserie Bofinger

I always order steak frites when trying out a new (to me) brasserie since it’s such a classic dish. Bofinger had an exceptional chateaubriand (filet). My waitress did not wince at me when I ordered it medium, and the meat was delicious and the sauce was served on the side (I did not use much). The frites were a bit soggy, but I didn’t care much, I only wanted a few. My meal was really all about the steak, and it was fantastic.

Since the tables are narrow, the courses get piled up on top of each other

The tables at Bofinger are close together, so courses are stacked rather than served side-by-side.

Utah Beach Oysters

Next time I’ll probably order one of the sauerkraut dishes (starting at €24), based on their alluring aromas and how much they seemed to favored by the locals. My husband went for the oysters, and particularly liked the briny freshness of the ones from Utah Beach.

Oysters from Utah Beach

Shrimp on a shellfish platter

Brasserie Bofinger also has an overflow space across the street, Petit Bofinger, should you not be able to get into the main restaurant.

The chateaubriand served with tomato, frites, and green beans

Brasserie Bofinger is a great choice for a classic brasserie experience and will appeal to those who like La Coupole and Brasserie Lipp. It’s only a few minutes walk to the green space of Place des Vosges, which is a great spot to people watch when the weather allows.

Brasserie Bofinger’s exterior on Rue de la Bastille

Meats courses start at €22

Oysters and seafood start at €17

Brasserie Bofinger

Address: 5-7 Rue de la Bastille, 75004 Paris, France

Phone:+33 1 42 72 87 82

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