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Where to Eat in Monterey County: The Choke Coach in Castroville, California

Famed Castroville Artichokes

No Central California road trip would be complete without stopping at a local joint for some of it’s famed produce. Head to Gilroy for all things garlic (garlic wine, anyone?), but if it’s artichokes you’re after be sure to stop in Castroville, aka “the Artichoke Capital of the World.”

Artichoke Pesto and other specialties at Pezzini Farms

I recently stopped at The Choke Coach, which features farm to food truck seasonal fare. Located in the parking lot at Pezzini Farms, The Choke Coach serves the local specialty, artichokes, prepared several different ways.

Who wants an artichoke Po’ Boy?

The French Fried artichokes ($6) are always a crowd pleaser, but there are some more unique artichoke offerings on the menu as well. There’s an Artichoke Po’ Boy sandwich for $5.50, a fried artichoke wrap sandwich ($6), and a shockingly good bratwurst.

Monterey County artichokes at Pezzini Farms

My favorite preparation was the grilled artichoke served with garlic dijon and lemon dill dipping sauce. It took a while for the friendly folks at the Choke Coach to prepare, but arrived at my table with a nice char on it. The house made dipping sauces– including Garlic Dijon and Lemon Dill aioli, were flavorful.

The grilled artichoke from the Choke Coach had a nice smokiness to it

Heirloom Green Globe Artichokes at Pezzini Farms

While waiting for my food, I strolled inside Pezzini Farms to find lots of gorgeous local produce, including bargain artichokes and the dipping sauces available for purchase. There was other seasonal produce as well… including a ton of pumpkins.

Pumpkins are party of the bounty of produce at Pezzini Farms

Should you find yourself looking for a casual place to taste some of the local fare, The Choke Coach at Pezzini farms is definitely worth a stop.

The Choke Coach is located at:

Pezzini Farms

460 Nashua Road (Just off HWY 1),

Castroville, CA  95012

Phone:(831) 757-7434