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US Navy Blue Angels at Seafair Weekend in Seattle: a Photo Essay with GIF


The US Navy Blue Angels look cool and… sound expensive

Today and tomorrow is Seafair Weekend in Seattle. It coincides with Marine Week and there is a lot to see and do around town. The US Navy Blue Angels have been practicing and it’s been incredible to watch, especially if you’re an aviation geek.

The Blue Angels practice over Queen Anne in Seattle

I’m not a great telephoto shooter and it’s tough to capture the US Navy’s flight demonstration squadron in their full thunderous glory. You hear them first, and they sound powerful, impressive and very expensive. It reminds me of hearing the engines roar at the start of the Indy 500.

US Navy Blue Angels Practice Flight  GIF

Then you see the six planes flying in formations over the city. I thought I’d share a few photos (and a GIF) I got yesterday while they were practicing.

Seeing the Blue Angels fly by the Space Needle is incredible

The Blue Angels will be performing at the Boeing Seafair Airshow at 1:40 pm on August 2nd and 3rd.

If you’re not in Seattle for Seafair, you can check out the US Navy Blue Angels schedule here.