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Things to Do In Ravello, Italy

Stone Pines in Ravello, Italy

Ravello has some stunning spots to check out the views. I really enjoy the look of these stone pines and enjoyed wandering and checking them out from various terraces and cafes.

Ravello’s Duomo, or cathedral, was built in 1087 on the Piazza del Vescovad. I’m not a religious person, but lovely organ music was coming from inside when I first passed it and I had to check it out. There is also a small museum inside and it’s worth exploring for €3.  The procession leading into the cathedral for mass on a Sunday was worth watching– it was quite a spectacle. It’s closed during the middle of the day so be sure to check the visiting hours here.

The Watchtower at Villa Rufolo

The Villa Rufolo is in the center of town on the Piazza del Vescovad, just around the corner from the duomo. The building dates back to the 1200s and has some gorgeous gardens and cloisters. It costs € 5 to visit and is open from 9 am to 8 pm during the summer.

Visit the Villa Cimbrone

The Villa Cimbrone is more out of the way than the Villa Rufolo but the walk is very pretty and it’s definitely must-see spot in Ravello. Check out the amazing views from the Terrace of Infinity. You can read my post about exploring the Villa Cimbrone here.

Lemoncello for sale in Ravello

Many shops around town have limoncello- the local liquer made with lemon zest- for sale and offer small samples to try. It’s a fun activity if you’re in the area.

Locals make the best guides!

I got lost during my morning hike in Ravello and wound up wandering through lemon tree groves and wound up meeting this goat. I can’t exactly tell you where he is (as I mentioned I was lost) but I really enjoyed the whole experience. Ravello is small and charming and worth exploring. You can’t get very lost… but if you do, the locals are friendly. This goat sure was.