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Things to Do in Puglia: Spend an Evening in Ostuni

Vino Rosado at Relais La Sommità made a nice sundowner

Ostuni may be small but the Puglia’s White City isn’t short on things to do in the evening.  While the city may only have year round population of just over 30,000, the city swells during the summer months. Ostuni has several charming dining choices (including 8 restaurants with 2013 Michelin Stars) within the city limits of La Città Bianca.

Flowers at magic hour

Flowers at magic hour outside Caffe Riccardo

Not only are fine dining options plentiful, but they’re a bargain compared to larger cities in Italy. I ate at two of Ostuni’s Michelin starred restaurants and dinner for 2 (excluding wine) ran about €65 for two and can recommend both.

Watching the sunset at Cielo

Watching the sunset at Ristorante Cielo

Ristorante Cielo,  located at Relais La Sommità, earned chef Sebastiano Lombardi his first Michelin star. His menu features specialties from the region, and during the summer months you can dine outdoors under the the olive trees. It’s rather romantic and the pasta and lobster were spot on. Be sure to book a table ahead (Phone +39 0831 305925)- they fill quickly and only do one seating a night.

Left: the breezy terraces of La Sommita Right: One of La Sommita’s terraces at night

Cielo is one of Ostuni’s Michelin Starred restaurants

Apulian cuisine is the specialty at Ristorante Cielo


Osteria del Tempo Perso is also located in Ostuni’s historic center. The restaurant is situated in a few charming grotto-like rooms in an old tavern and is very atmospheric. They have an excellent wine list. While not all the staff speaks English fluently, I had no problem getting fed well and particularly enjoyed the eggplant parmigiana. Reservations are recommended (I was turned away the first night for not having one). Osteria del Tempo Perso is closed in January. (Phone +39 0831 304819)

Candles in a cave- that’s Osteria del Tempo Perso

Vino at Osteria del Tempo PersoVino at Osteria del Tempo Perso

If fine dining isn’t your thing, chillax in one of Ostuni’s indoor/outdoor cafes. They are easily spotted by the brightly colored bean bag chairs set out on the whitewashed streets. Be warned– some seemingly chic beanbag chairs look far more comfortable than they actually are. Drinks cost around €7. Riccardo Caffe, located in an old 12th century mill house, is a nice spot for a cocktail and a nibble (and had the most comfortable bean bags chairs). (Phone +39 0831 306046)

Relax outdoors in a beanbag chair at Riccardo Caffe

Left: Ostuni’s whitewashed streets at night  Right: Looking down at Riccardo Caffe

Beanbag chairs, cocktails & conversation

Gelato is also a nice option for a hot summer evening and Cremeria alla Scala had the best gelato I tasted during my time in Ostuni, with the peach flavor hitting the spot on a hot summer night.