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The O. Fournier Winery in Mendoza, Argentina- A Photo Essay

A panoramic view of Urban Restaurant at O. Fournier

Mendoza, Argentina is incredibly scenic. Nestled next to the Andes mountain range, Mendoza boasts gorgeous views in addition to tasty Malbec. For my second wine tasting lunch during my trip to Mendoza, I headed to the O. Fournier Winery, which was about a 90 minute drive from the Park Hyatt Mendoza.

May is fall in the southern hemisphere, and it was a beautiful autumn day complete with leaves changing color in the Vineyard.

Located in the San Carlos District, O. Fournier Winery is nestled at the base of the Andes Mountains.

The modern, minimalist architecture of the winery was rather stunning. The whole place oozed a sort of James Bond Villain’s Lair-chic vibe.

A View of the Lake and Andes from Urban Restaurant

There are worse places to have a leisurely lunch

Lake and Mountain scenery at the O. Fournier Winery in Mendoza