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Playing in the Slot Canyons of the American Southwest: Private Luxury Tour of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon


Looking up in Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the most famous (and most photographed) slot canyon in the American Southwest. And there is good reason why. It’s virtually impossible to take a bad picture in this amazingly beautiful area. February is a great time to visit the amazing slot canyons located along the Utah-Arizona border. The mild winter meant the weather was pleasant. As an added bonus, while Antelope Canyon is always popular, it’s significantly less busy during winter months.

Hotel Review: A Stay at the Aman-I-Khas Rajasthan, India

The tents are palatial at Aman-I-Khas

Last month I got a chance to visit Aman-I-Khas is Rajasthan, India on assignment for Glamping.com. It was an incredibly property and by far the poshest glamping experience I’ve had to date. Perhaps the most notable thing about the Aman-I-Khas experience is that it begins prior to arrival. Guests are assigned a batman (that’s a butler) prior to arrival to help with all travel logistics.