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Regional Culinary Experiences and an Organic Garden at the Amanbagh

Chef B.G. showed me some of the fresh produce grown in the Amanbagh’s

The culinary travel trend remains strong and the Amanbagh  is ready to give foodie-centric guests a satisfying experience. During my visit to Rajasthan last month, Amanbagh chef B.G. took me on tour of the property’s on site organic garden and then-still-under-construction outdoor kitchen which will be used for classes and cooking workshops.

Misty morning in the Amanbagh’s organic garden

The Amanbagh serves amazing food but they know that their guests want to have a regional culinary experience. The new outdoor cooking hut will be a great place where they can host cooking workshops for guests who want to return from Rajasthan with a recipe or two from the area, showcasing the local flavors.

Iceberg lettuce looks so much more appealing in the Amanbagh’s garden

Fortunately the Amanbagh is located in a valley with rich soil, so much of their produce can be grown on the property including mangoes, lemons and gooseberries. They even can make a natural insect repellent using their own locally grown neem, basil, and lemongrass. In December’s cool weather, there was no need for insect repellent.

Multicolored lettuces

Green peas

Beautiful head of lettuce

While I’m not much of a cook, I would the Amanbagh’s recipe for masala chai– I got a bit addicted to it during my stay at the Amanbagh. Chef B.G. told me it’s made from ginger and cardamom. Yum!

The outdoor cooking hut 10 days before completion

If you’re interested in visiting the Amanbagh but want to make it a quick trip, the property has a helipad so guests can just fly in from Delhi for the day.

Chef B.G. showed me around the Amanbagh’s garden

Marigolds in the garden at the Amanbagh

Room rates at the Amanbagh start at $800 USD


Ajabgarh, Rajasthan
tel (91) 1465 223 333 /(91) 9828 166 737
email amanbagh@amanresorts.com