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Notes from New York City: Dinner at NoMad

Superstar Roast Chicken for Two at NoMad

Last night I had dinner at the restaurant at The Nomad Hotel and was absolutely blown away by a roast chicken. The Nomad’s roast chicken for two costs $78 and is seriously next level. The classic dish is elevated even in it’s presentation.

You first see the bird when the waiters sweep your table with a little poultry catwalk, so it’s perfectly beautifully bronzed skin can be fully admired. Chic diners turn their heads to notice. Even those above instagramming every meal momentarily become poultry paparazzi, admiring the attractive bird nestled in it’s roasting pan.

The chicken disappears momentarily as it returns to the kitchen to be prepared two ways. The breast meat comes plated and is perfectly moist and unbelievably flavorful. Foie gras, stuffed under the skin, combines with and black truffle and brioche to make a sublime stuffing which sits on a tasty bed of lentils.

After taking a bite, my friend and I fell into silent awe for a few minutes– it’s that incredibly.

The chicken’s dark meat is flash-sautéed with morel mushrooms and brown butter and served on the side, in a small pan with a light creamy sabayon sauce which is also savory and delicious.

A bite of of the white meat packs a surprising amount of flavor thanks to foie gras and black truffle

L: the dark meat is presented in a pan R: radishes dipped in butter and served with fleur de sel

While the food is the star at the restaurant at the NoMad, the space is also rather divine.  Designer by Jacques Garcia, who gave The Hotel Costes in Paris it’s sexy edgy boudoir vibe has bohemian chic thing going on here that works well for the city.  There is a gorgeous airy atrium and a separate equally glamorous parlor.

Above: The Fourth Degree is one of the fabulous cocktails featured on the NoMad’s menu

The NoMad’s food and beverage team of chef Daniel Humm and general manager Will Guardara (who earned three Michelin stars at Eleven Madison Park) have an exceptional dinner menu and a fabulous selection of cocktails and wine. The Sippy Cup (averna, vermouth, ginger and lime) and The Fourth Degree (dry gin, Carpano antica, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and absinthe) were standouts. The only con: very few salads on the menu and the radicchio with apples, basil and mozzarella was underwhelming and excessively bitter. It was also quickly forgotten once the chicken arrived.

Sippy cups for adults, just one of the treats on the menu

We had the Milk and Honey for dessert– it’s a shortbread brittle with dehydrated milk and fresh, light ice cream. It tasted like a delicious high end Cap’n Crunch and was a wonderful combination of textures and flavors and pulled the whole meal together. The menu is decadent but also delicate.

Dessert was this sophisticated yet whimsical Milk and Honey

Dinner at the NoMad runs $50 and up. It’s by no mean cheap, but considering the exceptional flavor profiles, well worth the money and a lot of bang for the buck. Book reservations ahead of time. With roast chicken like this, it’s not hard to see why reservations fill up quickly. Brunch is also rumored to be fantasic.


1170 Broadway (at 28th street)

New York, NY 10001

(212) 796-1500