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My Street Photography from Alexandria, Egypt featured in EyeEm’s Weekly Mission Post

Smoked Chicken

I’m incredibly honored to have my mobile photography image, Smoked Chicken , featured in EyeEm’s Weekly Mission Recap: Going To Market selected by the team at COLORS Magazine.

The day I shot this picture in Alexandria, Egypt was a big turning point for me as a photographer. I was touring Alexandria, Egypt with some fellow travel bloggers and fellow photographer, Ralph Velasco, requested we take some time out to go street shooting. I got some fantastic images that day, and I really embraced how much I enjoy street photography. Markets are always fascinating places to visit and an interesting slice of everyday life. I also found that I drew less attention shooting with my iPhone than I did with my larger cameras. Here are some of my favorite mobile photography images from that day, in a photo essay called Shop Like an Egyptian.

Shop Like an Egyptian

Real Housewives Of Egypt

Welcome To Egypt

Cool for Cats, Alexandria

Stay tuned for future photo street photography photo essays, including  posts of the Chinatown Market in Yangon, Myanmar.