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My Levitated Mass Image Featured on the Instagram Blog Today

My friend, Carrie, was a good sport and posed for this “Boulder Holder” at LACMA

Today I noticed my a bunch of new likes blowing up my instagram feed for an image I shot last summer, at the opening of the Levitated Mass exhibit at LACMA (the The Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Fortunately one of my mobile photography friends let me know one of my images was featured today on the Instagram Blog, which features a photoset of instagrams shot & geotagged at the Levitated Mass.
LACMA is a fabulous museum located not too far from my home in Los Angeles and I photograph it often. It’s also home to the fantastic Urban Light exhibit as well that is fast becoming a LA landmark. There is currently a Stanly Kubrick exhibit open at the museum that looks amazing.

If you’re in LA, I’d highly recommend a visit to LACMA. The museum has a great farm-to-table restaurant called Ray’s and Stark Bar which is a great place to have a bite and a cocktail during your visit. Before I took this picture (and convinced my friend Carrie to pose in this “boulder holder” shot) I tried The Rock, a cocktail they had created for the opening of the Levitated Mass exhibit.

LACMA’s Urban Light Forest of streetlights

Jesus Walks…under the Levitated Mass

Burger & Cocktail Goodness at Ray’s

Levitating Rock with Palm Trees on 6th