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Locals Only: A Mobile Photo Essay of Yangon’s Chinatown Market

This tofu vendor smoking on the job was one of my favorite subjects

Myanmar has only recently opened up to foreigners and much of what is interesting about the country is seeing what customs remain old and what things have been modernized.  Yangon may be in the middle of a growth boom but there are no huge supermarkets… yet. Instead there is the Chinatown Market, with all the freshest food, meat, and produce supplied by local vendors.

While urban hipsters here in the states make it a point to go to farmers markets, there isn’t another option in Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon). Not yet, anyway. I shot these images there on a morning in December after shooting sunrise at Shwedagon Pagoda. Yangon’s Chinatown is much smaller than other areas with the same name I’ve visited . It’s more like a a single street and not so obviously Chinese. But it was the most crowded place I visited in Myanmar.

Here is a photo essay of some of my favorite mobile photography images from Yangon’s Chinatown market.

The Chicken Vendor

Fresh Flowers

The street outside the Chinatown market in Yangon

Flower vendors rocking traditional man skirts called longyis