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Hipstamatic Sri Lanka

Hipstamatic Anuradhapura, The Ancient Capital City

I’m currently spending a few days in Sri Lanka, the 76th country I’ve visited. Between the pimped out tuk-tuks, the men rocking traditional sarongs, and the incredibly warm people who are excited that tourism is thriving in their country, I’m crushing on Sri Lanka… HARD.

This island country has so much to see I’m only getting a taste of it this trip, focusing on Anuradhapura and Columbo (and surrounding environs).

The vibe here feels very much like Bali did back in the late ’90s… bubbling up with an amazing assortment of cultural wonders, spirituality, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

I’ve gotten some great captures using the Hipstamatic combo of the Jane lens + Blanko Freedom13 Film.

Here are some of my early favorite Hipsta mobile photography images of this magical country formerly known as Ceylon.

The Check-in Ritual at Ulagalla Resort

A Friendly Bunch of Monks at Anuradhapura

Tuk-Tuk Parked at a Lake Bordering Ulagalla

Sunset Swim for Tuk-Tuk Drivers