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#FriFotos Pools- Let’s Dive In!

The theme for this week’s #FriFotos is pools. As anyone who has ever seen David Hockney‘s work, or the photographs of Slim Aarons, or even remembers anything about Phoebe Cates lounging around the pool in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Pools are just plain cool. Iconic, blue, and irresistable. Pools are one of the few things that benefit from being shallow (if only on one end). I love everything about pools except for paying for the heating bill of my own. I adore just looking at them, dipping my toes in, or jumping in and taking the plunge. Here are some of my favorite swimming pool photos from my travels, put together in a pool photo gallery.

CPH tilt shift

Afternoon dip at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs.

Here are a few of my favorite hotel pools from my travels. Recent favorites include the pool at the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, which is as refined as Coachella is not. I also was impressed by the dockside pool at   Standard Miami (first image below) to the trippy Bamboo pool at the sexy Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico had a swim up bar where I made a few friends the last time I was in the Rivera Maya for vacation.

Pool Chair at Standard Miami. Mobile photography

Pool Chair at Standard Miami. Mobile photography

Tide Zihatanejo. Mobile photography

What’s better than a pool at the beach? You don’t have to choose at the Viceroy Zihuatanejo in Mexico.

Cabo. Mobile photography

Cabo. Mobile photography

Tequila tasting poolside at Capella Pedregral resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and another view of the pool, which is right next to the beach and has amazing views of the Pacific.

Issy at Bamboo Pool Cosmopolitan LV. Mobile photography

Bamboo Pool Cosmo Vegas Iris JPB. Mobile photography

Izzy the waitress slash body painter slash cool chick  at Bamboo pool at the sexy Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.


The blue of the pool at Katikies on Santorini in Greece looked like a David Hockney painting. It was October and the end of pool season when I took this picture with my Canon DSLR and it that water was “bracing” to put it kindly.

Pool party. Mobile photography

Pool side reading. Mobile photography

Pool party & making new friends (with similar style choices in bikinis) and pool side reading at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba. I took these images in few minutes it wasn’t raining with my iPhone 3G. Mobile photography

Tel Aviv Pool iPhoneography

I shot this mobile photography image, which has appeared in several art gallery shows,  called “She Always Swims Alone” from the club lounge of the  the Tel Aviv Sheraton.