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Exploring Ravello’s Romantic Villa Cimbrone: A Photo Essay

Statues in the gardens at the Villa Cimbrone (captured with Oggl)

The Villa Cimbrone in dates back to the 11th century and is one of the not-to-be missed sites in Ravello. The panoramic views of Italy’s Amalfi Coast from the Terrace of Infinity (also known as the Terrazzo dell’lnfiniti or the belvedere) alone justify the €7 cost of entry.

Hipstamatic Statues on the Terrace of Infinity

The Villa Cimbrone gardens are incredibly romantic and worth wandering around. In addition to the stone pines and hedges, there are cloisters, crypts, small temples, grottos and hedge mazes worth exploring.

One of the many busts along the Terrace of Infinity, just before sunset

Busts on the the belvedere, overlooking Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Walking through the gardens you come across some amazing bronze statues

The setting is highly atmospheric and somewhat dreamy. Like much of Ravello, It feels like a place you’d see in the movies.

Writer Gore Vidal called the views from the Terrace of Infinity  “the most beautiful view in the world”

There is now a hotel on the property as well and a restaurant, Il Flauto di Pan, which received it’s first Michelin Star in 2013.  I did not have time to check them out for myself but have made a note to do so on my next trip (as I’ve mentioned before, I’m seriously crushing on Ravello).

A colorful part of the villa’s structure

Hipstamatic images of the Villa Cimbrone gardens

The gardens at the Villa Cimbrone feel like they are straight out of fairy tale

Views of the Villa Cimbrone’s romantic gardens

Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Open: 9am – sunset

Entrance fee is 7 euros