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A Visit to the Haukadalur Geothermal Area and Geysir, Iceland

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Obligatory geysir eruption money shot

One of the reasons Iceland’s geographic is so dramatic is because of all the geothermal activity on the island nation. The Haukadalur geothermal region, and Strokkur geysir, are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iceland and a stop on any good tour of Iceland’s Golden Circle.


Steam and clouds make Geysir’s geothermic landscape dramatic and beautiful

Strokkur geysir, which erupts every five to 15 minutes, is Iceland’s answer to Old Faithful. The plumes of steam and wispy clouds make for some very unique scenery.


Tourists visiting Geysir geothermic area in Iceland

Anastasia caught the geysir’s eruption below with her iPhone. Check it out:

 Video of Iceland’s Geysir erupting

The geysir’s plume of steamy water ranges can reach up to 30 meters when it erupts, sometimes with little warning. During our visit it erupted a few times with the water topping out at around 15 meters in height.


Photographers waiting for the geysir are a common sight in the area

The Haukadalur geothermic region and Geysir are well equipped for tourists, with ample parking and a gift shop and cafeteria. Visiting geysir is free.

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Jorunn, our photo guide, ready to capture geysir’s eruption

 I thought the muddy streams of hot geothermal water made for interesting contrast with the steam and clouds.

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Muddy, moody landscape near Geysir

Our visit to geysir was part of our Golden Circle Day Tour with Jorunn as our guide.


Geysir is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions in 


Before the Geysir erupts GIF


Autumn colors add additional interest to the geothermal landscape in Iceland

Geysir Center

Haukadalur, Iceland

Tel: +354 480 6800

E-mail: geysir@geysircenter.is