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There’s Still TIME to Enter the My Life’s A Trip Vacation Photo Contest 2012

We’ve been blown away by the quality of the entries we’ve received so far, including some from Instagram users who discovered the blog through our #TIMEwireless Identification Project. Here is a round up of some of our recent favorite entries.

Christine Pearl: Hula Hoop.The last week of summer.
Kate Connerty: Reykjavik, Iceland.
MaryJane Sarvis: Path to Gooserocks Beach Maine.
Amo Passicos: La Grande Motte.
Nathan Healy: The wall.
Melissa Vincent: Muir Woods.
Sarah Habermehl: Mexico.
Stephanie Mueller:  The bubble blowing street.
Philomena Nunes: Relaxing.
Natalie Taylor: Denis and the dogs.
Robin Bengtson: Dream field.
Daniel Zazitski: Blue Sunset.
Amanda Jernigan: Lighthouse.
Lindsey Williamson: Caribbean.
Zoran Stanko:Into the land of snow and ice.
Gerie Voss: Sunset.

The deadline for entering is October 31st.

Here’s how you enter the 2012 My Life’s A Trip Vacation Photo Contest.

And don’t forget to Like our Facebook page, it’s a condition of entry!

Read the Full Terms&Conditions of the Contest

Christine Pearl