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Sydney Opera House at Sunrise: Mobile Photography Time-Lapse Video

The Sydney Opera House at Sunrise as seen from room 114 of the Park Hyatt Sydney

I didn’t get a lot of sleep on my recent trip to Sydney. Between trying to work remotely (with an 18 hour time difference), jet lag, and trying to enjoy my time in Sydney, sleep didn’t wind up being much of priority.

The view from my Opera Deluxe room at the Park Hyatt Sydney was hella distracting. I was just starting to doze off around 5 am when my husband said to me, “I know you want to sleep, but I think you should set up a camera to do a time lapse for sunrise. It’s going to be beautiful.”

He was right. Seeing the sunrise behind the Opera house and watching Sydney Harbour wake up for the day was totally worth forgoing sleep. I ordered a Flat White from room service and watched this happen. I shot a few stills using my Fuji X100 since my iPhone 5 was shooting this time-lapse with the TimeLapse app.

Sunrise Time Lapse Video of Sydney Opera House and Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship

My favorite part is at the 53 second mark in the video, when you suddenly notice the Carnival Spirit cruise ship pulling into the Harbour. The music is the acoustic version of Colin Hay’s Overkill (Yes, he’s lead singer of Men at Work).

This video is my favorite thing I’ve made using mobile photography this year. I hope you enjoy it.

If you get sick of the view (or just need sleep), the Park Hyatt has awesome black out curtains.