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Paris Street Photography Outside Serge Gainsbourg’s St. Germain Home

It’s July 14th, so in honor of Bastille Day, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite street photography images from Paris. While wandering around, in search of my favorite macarons from Ladurée, I got a little lost and stumbled upon Serge Gainsbourg’s house. Located on the rue de Verneuil in the St. Germain district of Paris. It’s easy to spot because it’s the only one covered in graffiti and street art tributes to the French singer/songwriter.

A young Parisian Serge Gainsbourg fan posing for her mom

A young Parisian Serge Gainsbourg fan posing for her mom

There were a few tourists taking pictures there that day. While I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Serge Gainsbourg’s, I know what it is like and when you are young and obsessed with a musician you worship (confession: I almost tripped over myself when I saw John Taylor of Duran Duran at Fred Segal. He’s still that good looking.)

While shooting photos on that street. that was a universal mother/daughter experience. There was a beautiful teenage girl, wearing a dress far too thin for the chilly weather, who was making her mom take pictures of her outside her musical idol’s house. Her mother told me that her daughter recently discovered Serge Gainsbourg’s music and was “desperately in love with him… and his music.” Since Serge passed away in 1991, I’m assuming this gorgeous young creature will find someone else to fall in love with.

Close up of the graffiti on the Serge Gainsbourg house

Close up of the graffiti  on the Serge Gainsbourg house

The house itself stands out from all the others in the 7th Arrondissement, which are pristine and devoid of street art. If you’re in St. Germain, it’s a great thing to wander past and see. From the peeling paint to the tributes that are still made by adoring fans.

So even if you’re not French, why not do something today to celebrate Bastille Day? I might drink a glass of French wine, or give Gainsbourg another listen, although Phoenix is more my taste. Even Johnny Depp’s Ex, Vanessa Paradis, gave pop stardom a try in France. And Tony Parker’s French raps are always très amusant.

A street art portrait of the French songwriter

A street art portrait of the French songwriter

I love Serge graffiti

“I love Serge” graffiti

Mother Daughter photo Shoot

Mother Daughter photo Shoot