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Milo, the Paddle Boarding Dog of Maui: A Photo Essay

Milo pulling in his paddle board on Wailea Beach

On my trip to Maui earlier this month I was playing in the waves of the Pacific when I spotted a chocolate lab astride a paddle board with his owner. I swam a bit closer and chatted with the dog’s owner and was introduced to Milo, the paddle boarding dog of Maui.

Milo even brings in his paddle board to shore. Check it out in this short video clip I shot on my iPhone 5s:

Milo in action

Milo shakes it off

Like most labs, Milo works for tennis balls

Milo’s owner keeps two tennis balls tucked into her bikini bottoms for times when Milo falls off the board and decides to swim off. Labs are genetically engineers to retrieve tennis balls.

Milo’s face in action is one of fierce determination

Milo at work

Milo probably needs a Go Pro camera to capture his true awesomeness, but I thought I’d share these images with my blog readers just for fun.

Another day at the office for Milo

I met Milo on beach at the Andaz Maui. He made a lot of friends that day.

The Andaz Maui Beach Crew has paddle boards for humans too

Paddle boarding is good fun and a great core workout. Fortunately the beach crew at the Andaz Maui has paddle boards for human guests and stand up paddle board lessons along with other fun beach activities.