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Boats on the Bosphorus: A Mobile Photograpy Time Lapse

Boats in front of the Bosphorus Bridge in Ortakay

Mobile photography/tilt-shift goodness:Boats in front of the Bosphorus Bridge in Ortaköy

I just arrived in Istanbul after a long 18 hour travel day. Despite my exhaustion, I can’t help but be inspired every time I get a glimpse of the Bosphorus. There is just something magical and epic about drinking a glass of wine in Europe, staring at Asia in the distance, and watching the boats go by on this narrow-yet-important waterway.

Radisson BluBoats in front of the Bosphorus Bridge in Ortakay

I decided to make a little time lapse of the action with my iPhone using the TimeLapse App. I mounted my iPhone in my In Your Face viewbase and clipped it to the glass on the side of the Terrace Bar at the Radisson Blu Istanbul. I set the timer for 10 minutes resulting in a 30 second video. Then I framed my shot to include the waxing moon (it’s full tomorrow) and started the time lapse.

Despite my current state of jet lag and plane brain, I found the view so inspiring I wanted to share it.

Time Lapse Tip:

Keep in mind the scale of what your shooting when making a time lapse. I made myself seasick by framing too tightly on these boats in Ortaköy, and speeding up the action 30 times, resulting the following time lapse fail. I should have used a gentler speed rate (10 times perhaps)  for framing this tight to smooth out the action and make more wavy and less squall like.