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Bedding Down at a Beadouin Camp in Jordan

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Jordan was spending Christmas Eve at a Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum. The Jordan Tourism board arranged this trip for me so I really had no idea of what to expect. Some people expressed concern about me traveling solo in the desert in the middle east, but Jordan felt completely safe for a woman traveling alone, and it’s proximity to the Holy Land seemed like an appropriate place to spend Christmas Eve.

Wadi Rum panorama, IPhoneography, autostitch

Wadi Rum desert is insanely beautiful. It’s the setting of Lawrence of Arabia so I found myself shooting a lot of panoramas of the gorgeous desert scenery on my iPhone. My AutoStitch Panorama app came in handy.

Captains camp sign

Captains camp sunrise

I am no stranger to camping places, my childhood was filled with summers spent in tents in National Parks, but Captain’s Desert Camp is permanent and has bathroom facilities. It’s there’s a bathroom, then in my opinion it’s glamping, not camping. Fortunately, I’m a big fan of glamping.

Camelat Captains CampCamel Whiskers, iPhoneography

There were lots of camels at the camp. You can take them for rides around in the desert. The camel on the left was not my biggest fan. He kept doing that with his tongue. Rumor has it camels can spit at you. This was the most endangered I felt in Jordan. But the other camels were friendly.

Bedouin Captains CampWadi Rum dog

There was a group of travelers who were touring on bicycles at the camp when I arrived. And the this dog greeted me.

Autostitch panorama of Bedouin camp, iPhoneography

Here’s an AutoStitch Panorama of Captain’s Camp. It was a very colorful and inviting desert scene.

Captains camp enteranceWadi Rum selects

Some more camping images. I’d describe the design aesthetic was “Bedouin Chic.”

Captains campCaptains camp enterance

Here are some camping images of the common areas.

Captains camp lobbyWadi Rum

The public areas were very lounge-y and fun. I was there with my guide, but it seemed like a great place to hang out with a group of traveling.

Captains camp Hosni

IPhoneography image of ladies room

Here’s a shot of the corridor of tents lined up in the canyon. The desert scenery reminded me a bit of Utah’s stunning desert and canyons.

Captains camp HosniCaptains camp Hosni

Hosni is a Bedouin who works at the camp. He showed me around and took great care of me. He was very nice.

Captains camp HosniCaptains camp Hosni

I was stunned when Hosni showed me inside my tent and started making origami animals out of the towels. I thought amusing towel animals were strictly for cruise ships. I was so wrong.

Captains camp my tent

My “suite” was very romantic. But I was charmed to stay there by myself.

Captains camp my tentiPhoneography Bedouin tent charm

Here’s the “lounge area” of my suite where I got some work done. Once it got dark a generator came on and there was light but no power outlets.

Wadi Rum selectsCaptains camp fire

Night time at the camp was very atmospheric and I had tea while watching these guys relax by the fire with a hookah.

Captains camp lobby at nightWadi Rum

Images of Wadi Rum Desert

Sunrise at Captain's camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Sunrise at Captain’s camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan (AutoStitch Panorama)

Hookah the morning after, iPhoneographyFire pit the morning after, iPhoneography

Christmas morning, this is what the fireplace and hookah looked like.

Sunrise, Wadi Rum, autostitch

More desert pictures of Wadi Rum’s amazing scenery.

Wadi rum morning, iPhoneographySelf-portrait with camel, iPhoneographyWadi Rum panorama

A Bedouin Camp is a great place to spend Christmas- for anyone who wants an interesting experience. It’s great for women traveling alone, families, or groups traveling together. I enjoyed the experience and desert scenes so much I plan on coming back with my husband.