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Visiting the Roaring Dunes of Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia

Driving down the Roaring Dunes

One of the highlights of a stay at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is taking a scenic flight to the Skeleton Coast National Park and visiting the Roaring Dunes. The adventure begins by taking a 20 minute flight on prop to an airstrip on the Skeleton Coast.

I rode in the co-pilot’s seat during the short flight

The flight to the Skeleton Coast

Namibia is the second least densely populated nation on earth. The Skeleton Coast is the least densely populated area of Namibia. You get the sense of vast stretches of emptiness and “middle of nowhere.”

Hangar at the Skeleton Coast “Airport”

There Emms, my guide, loaded us up into a Land Rover for our trip to the Roaring Dunes.

My husband, Jeff, and our guide, Emms

Once you get to the Roaring Dunes, Emms started deflating the tires. This is key when your driving down the Roaring Dunes.

Emms running up the Roaring Dunes

The Roaring Dunes have a distinctive sound which comes from the air built up between the dry sands of grain. When you walk, run, or drive over it, it pops or “roars.”

Running the Roaring Dunes

The Roaring Dunes looks like it’s straight out of a National Geographic magazine… and we did not see another soul during our visit.

Emms, my guide, wandering vast and empty Roaring Dunes

It was such an incredible experience to be alone in this beautiful and isolated place. It gives you profound perspective of just how very big the world is.

Emms and my husband driving away

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so tiny and alone as when Emms and my husband left me at the bottom of a dune to loop back to drive down it again. It wasn’t a scary feeling– after all it was only for a few minutes.

Roaring Dunes Panorama

It was peaceful, but if I was there for long, I definitely would have felt helpless.

Deflating the tires before heading to the Roaring Dunes

Driving deep in the sand dunes

Behold- the Skeleton Coast “Airport”

Obligatory safari selfie on the Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

A whole lot of nothing… but still beautiful

Emptying out the sand in his shoes

One of Namibia’s giant sand dunes