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An Afternoon at Palazzo Avino’s Clubhouse by the Sea Ravello, Italy

Editor’s Note: This is the third post in my series on Amalfi Coast Beach Clubs. You can read earlier posts about La Fontelina Beach Club on Capri and The Spiaggia Grande Beach Club in Positano.

Sun worshippers will love these seaside lounge chairs

I didn’t know hotels came with private beach clubs until I stayed at Palazzo Avino and spent an afternoon at their Clubhouse by the Sea.

View of the Clubhouse by the Sea from Marmorata

The hotel may be in the hills of Ravello, but that doesn’t mean Palazzo Avino doesn’t have beach access

Lushly landscaped terraces

Guests of the hotel get access (including a complimentary shuttle) to the Palazzo Avino’s Clubhouse By the Sea, located a mere 15 minutes away by car in Marmorata, which pretty much means you can stay in the hills of Ravello but still have coastal access.

Outdoor shower with a spectacular View at the Clubhouse by the Sea

The hotel has lovely pools which I did not want to leave, but I felt obligated to check out the Clubhouse. The hotel’s concierge told me what time to catch my shuttle and I was whisked away by van to the clubhouse, where staff greeted me upon arrival. The transfer was easier than getting to the beach club in Capri by water taxi, and less expensive.

Unlike the other beach clubs I visited, there were ample lounge chairs available for hotel guests

Unlike the other beach clubs where you have to pay for incidentals like lounge chairs and umbrellas, there are no hidden expenses here. The only thing I paid for was food.

Views of the rocky Amalfi Coastline from Palazzo Avino’s Clubhouse by the Sea

The Clubhouse has multiple terraces and platforms and small pool and is perched along the Amalfi Coast’s rocky shore. The main building has showers, changing rooms and bathrooms as well as a television room. There is also a restaurant on the property.

I waited for my shuttle driver in the cool shade of the Clubhouse restaurant

Left: Multiple terraces by the sea Right: and a cottage with shower & changing facilities

There is no proper sandy beach- not unusual for this stretch of the coast- but there are ladders on the platforms leading directly into the water. When I dipped my toes in, the water was too chilly for me (my visit was on a windy day in mid-May, early in the season). I decided instead to just sun myself, read, and have some lunch.

Pizza delivery at the Clubhouse

My pizza margherita was fine but nothing special compared to the food I had eaten at the hotel (which was exceptional at breakfast, lunch and dinner), but it was reasonably priced and delivered directly to my poolside lounge chair. The staff and service were top notch.

Yet another view that does not suck

The Clubhouse’s Marmorata location is a lovely spot to spend an afternoon. But if you’re only in Ravello for a day or two, the gorgeous tiled (and perfect temp) pool might do well enough on it’s own, especially if the weather isn’t ideal for the beach. [I had already logged plenty of time on the beach before I got to Ravello, so I wasn’t jonesing for the ocean when I visited.]

Random gorgeous Amalfi Coast view #137

With minimum hassle and no additional expense, access to the a private beach club is a total win for hotel guests.

Palazzo Avino’s Clubhouse by the Sea (formerly known as Sasso by the sea)

Open from 10am to 8pm daily

(May 1st – September 30th)

Via Marmorata

Marmorata, Italy

(+39) 089 81 81 81

A complimentary shuttle service to and from the hotel is available starting from 10 am.

I made this vine video while staring at the sea:

My favorite Hipstamatic shot from the Clubhouse by the Sea