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An Afternoon at Krug House 2013 #KrugNotes

Krug: It’s my favorite four letter word

Last week my friends at Krug Champagne invited me up to the Bay Area for the 2013 pop up Krug House for a luncheon and Champagne tasting with Olivier Krug, the director of Krug (and 6th generation of the House of Krug).

I packed up my cameras, jumped on a flight up to San Fran and Uber-ed my way to the Krug House for a exceptional afternoon of eco-chic delights and Krug education. It was a fantastic experience.

You can check out my highlight reel of the afternoon in this little video I made with the Animoto app

I loved the rough luxe vibe of the Krug House

Interiors of the Krug House

Getting Schooled on Krug at The Tasting Table

The afternoon was really fun and educational. Oliver Krug led the tasting. We got to taste four different Champagnes at the event: The 2000 Krug Brut Champagne, Krug Brut Champagne Grand Cuvee NV, Krug Rosé Brut , and Krug Brut Champagne 1989.

#KrugNotes: Krug should be served in a glass, never a flute

I especially enjoyed the 1989, which is exceptionally well-aging and sublime. The story behind the 2000 was fascinating, it was a tough year for the growers yet a fantastic year in the tasting room. Yes, there is a Krug tasting room and even a Tasting Committee.

Drinking on the job. Sometimes it’s a job requirement.

The food served at lunch was delicious

Left: Ravioli Right: the cobbler was a light, delicious standout

#KrugNotes: 150 different still wines are made up before the best are selected to go into Krug

The historic House of Krug is embracing new technology with their innovative Krug ID. By entering the Krug ID into the Krug.com website, Krug Lovers can learn the story behind that specific bottle of Krug. How cool is that?

Flame the dog hanging out with Olivier Krug

Krug House took place in the greenest house in the USA

Solar panels, reclaimed water, and a group of resident chickens added to the eco-chic vibe

Pastoral beauty at the Krug House

I also learned about some of the biggest mistakes people make with Krug– serving it too cold or in a flute instead of a glass.

I’m not sure what the glassware used on Cathay Pacific is considered, but perhaps we should cut airlines a little slack?

You can learn more about Krug House 2013 by searching the #KrugNotes hash tag on twitter and instagram.