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A Peek Inside NYC’s Fashion Week Krug House

I heart Krug! My sentiments exactly #KrugNotes

Last week I had the great pleasure of scoring an invitation to NYC’s Krug House, which popped up for Fashion Week. A gorgeous six-story townhouse in the village was transformed into a sensory experience filled with Champagne, live music a dee-jay, a palm reader, a calligrapher, gorgeous gowns, and a live auction of gorgeous art by the likes of Andy Warhol.

The Krug House Living Room filled up quickly

It was a rainy night, so the gorgeous outdoor garden was left virtually empty the space filled up fast with beautiful fashion week people (none of which I know). Cater waiters circulated with trays of tasty bites, and the fridge was filled will plenty of Krug Grand Cuvee and Krug Rosé to wash it town.

Gowns, Champagne and mirrors added to the sensory experience

Loved the gold inscribed Moleskin notebooks

A palm reader was on hand to provide mystical guidance

Yummy noodles

If you want to see more of NYC’s Krug House, search the #KrugNotes hashtag on Instagram and twitter.

Left: Best. Fridge. Ever  Right: Glass of Krug, anyone?

The most beautiful spaces was the outdoor garden, which was magical during the rain

Much thanks to my friends at Krug Champagne US for inviting me to the NYC Fashion Week Krug House. Without them, this post wouldn’t be possible