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What To Do When It Rains in the Sunshine State: Girls Weekend at the Standard Miami

My girlfriend (and old college roommate) Katie and I make it point to try and spend a weekend together someplace away about once a year. Katie lives in Austin and I am based in LA and like everyone else, we’re busy. We recently figured out a girls weekend in Miami would be a good fit because she needed to visit her grandmother who lives close by, in West Palm Beach.

I booked us a room at The Standard Miami Beach for our stay because  and they have a notoriously cool pool and friendly friend price point. Everyone (including Miami resident Brian Kelly aka The Points Guy) raves about their mojitos by the pitcher. Katie and I were both really excited about a little bonding time poolside in the Sunshine State.

Unfortunately, mother nature wasn’t on our side. When I arrived in Miami, it was clear that it was going to rain pretty much non-stop for the duration of our girls getaway. So much for the Sunshine State having sunshine.  This was going to put a bit of damper on the hipster pool scene we were expecting, and required a bit of a change in plans.

Unique lounge chairs at The Standard, Miami

Raindrops on the dock at the Standard Miami

Dock panorama at the Standard Miami

Bird at the Standard

Pictures of Miami Beach with the clouds rolling in as I have lunch at the Lido restaurant

As much as I loved the Hipster Pool Camp vibe of The Standard, and it’s friendly price point, it is lifestyle hotel that is very much built around the communal spaces like the pool, the fire pit and the dockside Lido Restaurant. None of these spaces was going to be as enjoyable in the rain. So much for my goal of learning to paddle board on this trip! There is nothing you can do about the weather except figure how to make the best of it.

Char-grilled Octopus for lunch at the Standard Miami

The Lido Restaurant at The Standard Miami

Char-grilled Octopus for lunch at the Lido Restaurant, The Standard Miami Beach

Our room was nice, but ultimately pretty basic and not really spacious enough for us to hang out comfortably for the better part of 3-4 days. The Standard is also located a bit out of the way on Island Avenue, and I thought that Collins Avenue might be a better option for some activities that weren’t entirely sunshine-dependent, nor did we rent a car.

Mobile Photography image of guest room at The Standard Miami

I was impressed with the size of the closet and nice selections in the minibar at the Standard Miami. (mobile photography

I was impressed with the size of the closet and nice selections in the minibar at the Standard Miami.

We focused on enjoying the mojitos and sangria while we looked for another hotel. The white sangria at the hotel is awesome, and perhaps a bit overshadowed by the variety of mojitos (including mojito of the day and sugar-free made with Splenda options) that are a local favorite. I am a real sangria fan. I believe I was sipping a glass of it at the W Barcelona when I went live with this blog.

Mojito & sangria at the Standard, Miami

Latte at the Standard Miami

Liquid Lunch: Mojito & white sangria at the Standard, Miami

The hotel also boast The Spa at the Standard which is an extremely cool hammam type spa that is worth checking out. They have a lot of yoga classes and options that are more about wellness than beauty.

The clouds made for some beautiful images. Here are some of my favorites that I took on my iPhone 4S during my stay at The Standard Miami.

Coming up: how I used twitter to accidentally crowdsource a room at an amazing property on Collins Avenue.

Rainy day view at the Standard, Miam

Self-portrait on the dock at the Standard, Miami

Chair in the Pool at the Standard Miami

Rainy day at the Standard

Rainy day at the Standard

Extremely cool ping-pong table at The Standard Miami

IPhoneography image of the hallway at Standard Miami is indoor outdoor, so it was slippery when wet.

IPhoneography image of the hallway at Standard Miami is indoor/ outdoor, so it was slippery when wet.

Mobile photography image of night view at the Standard Miami

IPhone Picture of the firepit at the Standard Miam

Miami nighttime panorama, Mobile photography, autostitch

Miami nighttime panorama