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What I Ate (and drank) on My Mexican Vacation at Imanta: A Foodie Photo Essay

 Margarita and a coconut

It’s important to stay hydrated in the hot Mexican sun. So I often had a Margarita and a coconut (coconuts are full of electrolytes!)

For the first three nights of my recent Mexican vacation, I was lucky enough to return to the amazing and exclusive Imanta resort in Punta Mita, where you can get away from it all (yet still have strong wifi and fantastic room service).

Imanta focuses on authentic, local, sustainable cuisine. The chef is friendly and will come by and tell you about the catch of the day, and suggest how you might want it prepared– who wants Amberjack tacos?! I certainly ate a lot of guacamole during those three days, but the chef at Imanta had no problem finding carrots and jicama to dip instead of chips.

I thought I would present some of my vacation pictures of Imanta’s amazing locavore food (and drink) in a the form of a food porn photo essay.

After being greeted upon arrival with wet towels and margaritas by Miguel, the charming General Manager, my husband and I were whisked away by golf cart to our 2,500 square foot Ocean Casa, called Werika, (that means “eagle” I was told).

 Werika room sign

Werika room sign

A bucket full of cold Mexican Cervezas (Corona and Dos Equis), plenty of limes and a bowl of guacamole and delicious salsa were waiting for us. I certainly ate a lot of guacamole during those three days, but the chef at Imanta had no problem finding carrots and jicama to dip instead of chips. Imanta had no problem handling my food allergies or honoring my “please no chips with the guacamole” request. (Note: I was on the “no carbs except those in alcohol and cocktails” eating plan this trip. After all, I was wearing a bikini all day long) We promptly devoured that guacamole and ordered a few more rounds of margaritas, and went into vacation mode pretty quickly. We decided not to leave the room that night.

Cervezas & Guacamole waiting for us in our casa.

Eating Breakfast at Imanta can be at the Tukipa restaurant located in the main palapa of the resort, which is just a short hike on a well-marked path through the jungle.

The view from breakfast at Imanta. I liked going to Tukipa restaurant for breakfast. The view is fantastico, overlooking the beach and Mexican jungle below.

Left: Huevos at Imanta Right: the chef even prepared an all-American Apple Pie for Fourth of July. How great is that?

Drinking a coconut at lunch & A cucumber margarita hits the spot on the beach

Breakfast with jungle view on the balcony of Werika

For dinner, we had room service every night. Some of the culinary highlights included Shrimp fajitas (without the tortillas for me) and seared ahi. Pure yumgasm! Some of the best Mexican food is the simplest. The ahi was seared to perfection and the salsas had a delightful kick to them.

Room Service Shrimp Fajitas

Room Service dinner, some of the best mexican food I’ve tasted Shrimp Fajitas & Seared Ahi

Room Service: Salad & Huevos Rancheros

You could eat breakfast inside or out, and there is great panoramic view of the property where you can see the ocean, the beach, and the jungle outstretching below.

The Daily Catch: Lunch at the beach palapa with lifeguard

For lunch, we ate (and drank) at the beachside palapa restaurant, Catch of the Day, where we were dined under a thatched roof with our toes in the sand. The ahi burger was outstanding.

Catch of the day beach side restaurant. We didn’t have to wait for a table.

Jen in Vacation mode

Sunset from Werika Imanta