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The Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program Rocks: Why You Should Get It

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The Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program Rocks. You should apply for it (assuming you don’t have a criminal record).

I’ve been a big fan the Global Entry Trusted Traveler program (known as GOES) since I first joined a few years ago, and am convinced that the application fee is the best $100 I’ve ever spent on travel (and it’s good for 5 years).

While the original appeal of the Global Entry was that it allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States, now the benefits of TSA Precheck are good enough on their own to justify applying for it. Global Entry Trusted Travelers get to use the TSA Precheck lane and seriously cuts down on the time spent going through airport security.

TSA Precheck is one US program that just keeps getting better and better. Sure– it’s not a guarantee that you’ll precheck every time you fly, but as a frequent traveler, I’ve seen this program improve by leaps and bounds.

On my last two international flights leaving from LAX, I’ve gotten to use TSA Precheck… and it is AWESOME. I didn’t have to take my computer out of my bag, or remove my shoes and jacket. I got through security in less than one minute. When I arrived at Newark from Heathrow, I got off the plane and headed to the bank of Global Entry kiosks and got through customs in less than 2 minutes. Again… AWESOME.

The Global Entry program now allows children to be members, so there are fewer reasons not to apply. I think it’s worth joining even if you don’t travel abroad two or more times a year. If ever travel by plane and value your time, take the time to apply. It seriously cuts down on the hassle involved with airplane travel. You have to schedule an interview to determine if you’re qualified but it’s so worth it.

The bottom line is if cutting down on the hassles associated with airport security is worth $20 a year to you, you should apply.

Learn more about Global Entry (and if you can qualify for it) by checking out the Global Entry website.