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The Fireman of the Marrakech Medina

The fireman at work stoking the flames of a hammam

Here in Los Angeles it’s pretty common for most musicians to have a day job. On my recent trip to Marrakech, I learned this is also true in Morocco.  I had a fabulous guide, Khadija Benbourahel, who showed me around the medina. One of the highlights of my tour of the old city was when she introduced me to the fireman in the medina. The fireman’s day job is keeping the fire burning at a neighborhood hammam. But he’s also a Gnawa musician who plays this mystical Moroccan folk music.

The fireman slash musician rocks his tasseled Gnawa hat

Not only was it fascinating to see the fireman’s “office” behind-the-scenes at the hammam, but it was such a treat to be able to have such a genuine Moroccan experience and little private concert. Here’s a little video I captured on my iPhone 5s:

Khadija played rhythm with the fireman of the medina

Khadija runs a company called Morocco Private Experience that specializes in tailor-made authentic tours of Morocco. She’s smart and gave me such a special experience I highly recommend using her as a tour guide.

GIF of the Gnawa Musician slash fireman twirling Gnawa hat

Khadija Benbourahel
Morocco Private Experience
USA tel: +1 201 977 1232
Tel: +212 661 21 16 15