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Sunset at Tiamo Resort on South Andros Island

Hammock at Sunset on the beach at Tiamo Resort in the Bahamas

I just returned home from spending a week in the Caribbean. While I’ve got a bunch of writing and photo editing to do, I wanted to share this time lapse I made of sunset at Tiamo Resort on South Andros in the Bahamas.

Sunset Time Lapse at Tiamo

My best friend, Zan, joined me for this trip. We spent three days at Tiamo, which is an incredibly relaxing and intimate resort. It felt like we were on a private island and provided lots of quality time for us to catch up over Pina Coladas.

Chilling with my BFF, Zan, in the Bahamas

One of the things I liked most about rustic luxury resort was chilling on the deck and watching the sunset. I hope you enjoy it too. Stay tuned for more in-depth posts about the Tiamo experience.

Shadows and sand at Sunset


Tiamo Resort

Driggs Hill – South Andros Island, The Bahamas

Regular Call Office Hours:

Mon-Sun 7:00am to 8:00pm EST

Phone: (1) 786 374-2442 (from USA) / (1) 242 225-6871 (from Bahamas)

Fax: (1) 242 369-2335


Tiamo is a member of SLH