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Photo Shoot with San Francisco’s Supermodel Seagull at The Ferry Building

The supermodel seagull worked well with my iPhone 4s

The supermodel seagull worked well with my iPhone 4s

I was in San Francisco over the weekend and was meeting some friends for dinner at a restaurant in  The Ferry Building.


I got there a bit early and wanted to take some pictures of the amazing view. When San Francisco is clear, it’s one of the most gorgeous cities in the world and the view from the Ferry Building, includes the water, boats, and the Bay Bridge.

The sun was about to set so I had perfect magic hour light. I shot a few pictures of the ferries before I noticed a large seagull perfected on the railing. I got closer to the seagull, assuming he’d fly away but he didn’t. In fact the seagull started staring at me, so I picked up my iPhone and started shooting using the ProCamera app . Photos of seagulls aren’t usually my thing, but it’s always good to get outside your comfort zone. So I started shooting away.

Here I took one of my favorite shots of the seagull and added Shake It since the bird's feet looked weird in the original

Here I took one of my favorite seagull pics and used the Shake It app to edit since the bird’s feet looked weird in the original

Not only did the bird not flinch, as I got closer, he started working the camera. This was no ordinary seagull, but some freaky supermodel seagull that has seemed as though he’d seen Zoolander a few times.

The seagull model stayed put when I switched from my iPhone to another camera (my Fuji X100) and allowed me to get close enough to shoot a few frames in macro with the context of the Bay Bridge and water in the background.

Several off my mobile photography images combined using the Frametastic App

Above: several of my mobile photography images combined using the Frametastic App

Seagull- 3951, Fuji X100

Seagull - 3955, Fuji X100

Seagull - 3953, Fuji X100

After shooting this image with ProCamera , I used Simply Black and White and selected the blue filter option so that you could still see the Bay Bridge and get the San Francisco context

Seagull close up, no feet

Seagull. I shot the image below with ProCamera app

Seagull other profile

Seagull Profile with bay bridge

Seagull shuffling feet

Seagull looking forward

Seagull profile

Seagull with boat

Supermodel Seagull shooting with my Fuji X100 and my iPhone4s using editing apps   ProCamera

After I took the shots, I quickly worked with one and and a few editing apps like acdsee Camera Flash and EyEm and then uploaded it to Instagram. I kept my editing apps to a minimum because I didn’t want to be rude and keep my friends waiting for me at The Slanted Door, an amazing modern Vietnamese restaurant located in The Ferry Building which I highly recommend.

Seagull - 3949, Fuji X100

Mobile Photography Tip: if you’re with friends who aren’t into mobile photography or social media, be quick and limit your time on social media platforms when you’re with them. I turn my phone over so and place it on the table so I know where it is but push notifications don’t intrude on my face time with friends.

The Bay Bridge at night

The Bay Bridge at night