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A Stay at Paws Up’s Cliffside Camp

Western chic decor & a ridiculously comfy bed  at Cliffside Camp

When I was recently in Montana covering The Resort at Paws Up for the Glamping.com blog, I got to stay in the resort’s newest camp, Cliffside. Part of what I love about Paws Up is that all the resort is constantly evolving.  They refine service, try out new activities, and all of the camps have their own special charms. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. But Cliffside has a lot going for it.

Left: Comfy patio furniture at Cliffside Camp Right: I stayed in Castle Crag, named after a Montana mountain peak

Cliffside has a dining pavilion with incredible views of the mountains and Blackfoot River. It’s also the first camp I’ve seen with a tent complete with a huge copper tub (perfect for honeymooners or a romantic weekend away). The patio furniture at Cliffside was also especially comfortable.

A River Runs Through It: Looking down the Blackfoot River at Paws Up Cliffside Camp

Mike, the camp butler, made sure everything worked well at the camp, and all our activities and transportation was arranged.  Don’t let the term “butler” put you off. The Camp Butler is way more like a concierge than a camp counselor. Mike had everything ready for making s’mores at night and was a big fan of using Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in lieu of plain old chocolate. He also taught me his preferred method of toasting marshmallows.

Tent with a tub at Cliffside Camp

The bed at was crazy comfortable, and topped with a heated blanket with dual zone control, should you be snuggling with someone who prefers a different temperature on a cool Montana morning. I really did not want to get out of that bed! But it’s nice to know that a hot shower awaits in the toasty warm bathroom.

Pine trees through the tent flap at Cliffside

Copper side-by-side sinks in the bathrooms at Cliffside Camp

The firepit at Cliffside Camp is where the smore’s action goes down at night

Cliffside has such a great dining pavilion that it’s a really lovely place to eat. Tom, the camp chef, taught me that pancakes made over an open flame simply taste better (and the Madagascar vanilla doesn’t hurt either). He made omelets to order for guests at breakfast, too. No one had an issue handling my food allergies, either.

Camp Chef Tom, taught me that pancakes taste better when cooked over an open flame

A variety of snacks & drinks were available during the day at the camp pavilion, which is nice. There is also a great communal living room and games should you be looking for entertainment.

Chef Tom cooks an open air omelet at Cliffside camp

Looking up the Blackfoot River the deck of the dining pavilion at Cliffside Camp

The Blackfoot River was used as a location in the Robert Redford/Brad Pitt film  A River Runs Through It. It doesn’t hurt to have that river running through your camp, either. It’s mighty pretty (and great for fly fishing).

Dusk along the Blackfoot River at Cliffside Camp

During my stay at Cliffside, all the summer tents were being swapped out for insulated versions to keep campers happy during the fall months. Paw Up Cliffside Camp is open for glamping through October. You can read more about my stay at Cliffside on the Glamping.com blog.

This post would not be possible without Glamping.com & The Resort at Paws Up, who sponsored my stay at Cliffside Camp.